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Our 16 Days, 15 Nights Kenya safari and beach itinerary kicks off in the wildlife capital of the world, Nairobi. The safari combines the thrill of exploring Kenya’s most renowned game reserves, destinations, and museums. It encompasses the delightful diversity of Kenya’s National Parks, the extraordinary wildebeest migration, the vast open plains of Masai Mara, and the rolling grasslands of Crescent Island.

We have planned the trip to give you the best Kenya safari and beach holidays and to treat you like royalty in the best Kenyan islands and white sand beaches of Mombasa. We will bring you up close with the big 5 in their natural habitat while giving you endless opportunities to connect with the history and culture of Kenya’s tribes.

This Kenya safari & beach trip is also a great chance to witness the wildebeest migration, which occurs every July to October. Airport transfers, tour guide charges, accommodation costs, and park and activity fees are part of the tour price. The only thing left is for you to book this tour and enjoy the best Kenya offers.

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The Summarized, 16 Days, 15 Nights, Kenya Safari and Beach Itinerary

Trip Details Highlights
Day 1

Pickup from JKIA, Tours to Giraffe Center, David Sheldrick, Nairobi National Museum, & Snake Park

Overnight at Ibis Styles Westland Nairobi Hotel

Day 2

Transfer to Tsavo West & Afternoon Game Drive

Overnight at Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

Day 3

Full-Day at Tsavo West National Park

Overnight at Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

Day 4

Transfer to Amboseli and Afternoon Game Drive

Overnight at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

Day 5

Full-Day at Amboseli National Park

Overnight at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

Day 6

Transfer to Naivasha, Boat Ride, & Walking Safari at Crescent Island

Overnight at Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort

Day 7

Transfer to Nakuru & Game Drives at Lake Nakuru National Park

Overnight at Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

Day 8

Transfer to Masai Mara & Afternoon Game Drive

Overnight at Ashnil Masai Mara

Day 9

Full-Day at Masai Mara National Reserve

Overnight at Ashnil Masai Mara

Day 10

Morning Game Drive, Visit a Maasai Village, & Afternoon Game Drive

Overnight at Ashnil Masai Mara

Day 11

Morning Game Drive & Flight to Diani

Overnight at Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

Day 12

Wasini Day Trip – Full-Day

Overnight at Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

Day 13, 14, & 15

Spend Time at Diani Beach – Hotel

Overnight at Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

Day 16 Check-Out, Flight to Nairobi, & Connect with International Flight
Items Included Pickups, Transfers, Safari land cruiser, Safari guide, Park fees, Full-board accommodation, Local flights, Game drives, and More
Items Excluded Hot air balloon, International flights, Laundry service, Money transfer fee, tips, and Travel insurance
Safari Price Per Person Sharing from USD 4488

The Detailed, Kenya Safari Itinerary 16 Days, 15 Nights Tour

Our 16 days and 15 nights itinerary lets you explore everything this beautiful country has to offer, from its bustling cities to its incredible wildlife preserves. Plus, you’ll relax on some of the world’s most stunning beaches when you’re not exploring. Check out our detailed itinerary below for more information on what you can expect during your trip!

Day 1: Pickup from JKIA, Giraffe Center Tour, David Sheldrick Tour, & Nairobi National Museum Tour 

Your charming and knowledgeable private tour guide will be waiting to receive you at the airport with a broad African smile. Our guides arrive 30 minutes before your plane lands so you can be sure someone is waiting for you to welcome you to Kenya for your holiday.

After greetings, the guide will welcome you to your exclusive 4×4 safari land cruiser and start your Kenya safari and beach vacation. We recommend you book a plane that lands at JKIA in the morning so you can head straight to Giraffe Center.

Visit Giraffe Center

When Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty were starting the AFEW (Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife), there were not more than 120 Rothschild’s Giraffes in our country. Their numbers were slowly dwindling due to the severe loss of habitat in Western Kenya.

The two answered the desperate call of nature to save this remarkable giraffe species. Many years later, its population was almost three times the number in 1979. The center presents these rare beauties to you. 

Located 5km from Nairobi, Giraffe Center allows you to interact with these stunners by feeding them, petting them, and playing with them. Also, within the center is 95 acres of natural forest that houses numerous Warthogs and birds. 

Walks around the forest are magical with the lush green environs, melodious humming of birds, and sightings of game life teeming up to ensure your encounter is nothing short of spectacular.

Visit David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage 

After two or three hours, you shall head to David Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage. Here, you will get a rare opportunity to see why poaching is a monster. 

The orphanage takes in calves orphaned through poaching, natures them to life, and when the time is right, re-introduces them to the wild by releasing them into the Tsavo East National Park and Mwea National Park. A visit to the orphanage does not appeal to your eyes only. It appeals to your heart too.

The orphanage is a focal point for Elephant Conservation. At the orphanage, you can watch the calves being exercised, bathed, and fed by the highly dedicated staff. What’s more, for USD 50 only, you will get a chance to foster one of these cute baby elephants. In return, the orphanage will send you regular updates and photos of how your chubby baby is doing.

Lunch at Carnivore Restaurant 

The elephant orphanage is open from 11 am to noon, meaning you will head for lunch. Today we recommend trying some tasty dishes at Tamarind Hotel. You can choose from several types of meat, including crocodiles and ostrich. There is also a vegetarian diet. Finally, surrender by raising the white flag, and get a cocktail of traditional medicine (Dawa). 

Visit Nairobi National Museum and Snake Park

The afternoon will see you head to Nairobi National Museum and Snake Park. The Kenya Safari itinerary wouldn’t be complete without this adventure. The Museum is a preserve of all things Kenyan.

The Nairobi National Museum is a museum in Nairobi, Kenya. It is located west of the city center, on Langata Road. The museum was established in 1947 and is today the most famous museum in Kenya. It has a collection of over 120,000 items, including exhibits on Kenyan history, culture, nature, and wildlife. 

The museum also operates a snake park, home to over 100 species of snakes.

Day 2: Transfer to Tsavo West National Park & Afternoon Game Drive 

You will get picked up by our safari guide from your hotel at around 6 am for the journey to Tsavo West National Park. The trip will take about 5 hours, and you will arrive by noon, where you will check in to one of the hotels, grab lunch and rest a bit.

After a short rest, our tour guide will pick you up for an exciting afternoon game drive, where you will see different wildlife. Tsavo West covers an area of 9,065km square and is home to elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, hippos, leopards, lions, hartebeest, and other varied wildlife.

You will have an excellent opportunity to watch and take photographs of some of the cats in action as they go for a kill. It will be a long day, and later in the evening, after the game drive, you will retire to your accommodation lodge for the night.

Day 3: Full-Day Game Drive at Tsavo West National Park with Packed Lunch

On day 3 of your Kenya itinerary 16 days, you will enjoy a full-day adventure in Tsavo West National Park, an enormous park requiring more time to cover the main areas. Our professional safari guide will pick you up immediately after breakfast, ready to take you for a game drive around this magnificent animal and plant haven.

During the morning hours, many animals are usually busy feeding, which is a perfect opportunity to capture them with your camera. Animals you will encounter include herds of elephants, gazelles, buffaloes, impalas, lions, cheetahs, and leopards. Many bird species are also found here.

Our tour guide will take you to most of the places you did not make to visit during the previous day’s game drive to experience new adventures. As the heat rises and many animals disappear from the vicinity, it will be the best time to have lunch in the bush and get some deserved rest and fresh air.

After lunch, you will have yet another tour of the park, especially a visit to the magnificent Mzima Springs and the Shetani lava flows. Mzima is a series of lava-filtered clear water that also hosts some aquatic animals, such as hippos and crocodiles, and birds.

In the late evening, you will head back to the camp, where you will enjoy watching the sun’s golden rays as it sets in the west and enjoy the sounds of nocturnal animals.

Day 4: Transfer to Amboseli & Afternoon Game Drive at Amboseli National Park

After breakfast, you will get a transfer to another of Kenya’s famous parks, Amboseli National Park. The journey will begin at around 7 am. Amboseli National Park is one of the places in Africa where you will see large herds of Elephants at close range, having over 1600 of them roaming freely in the park.

You will make a stop-over at Lake Chala before continuing with the rest of the journey to Amboseli National Park. Lake Chala is a crater lake that came into existence after volcanic activity on Mount Kilimanjaro about 250,000 years ago.

The lake is mainly fed by underground water from the montane forest part of Mt Kilimanjaro, where it travels through rocks, making it crystal clear. After visiting Lake Chala, the journey to the park will continue, where you will arrive by lunchtime, take a sumptuous lunch, and rest.

Later in the afternoon, you will enjoy an afternoon game drive that will allow you to see elephants and other animals busy feeding. You are also likely to experience breathtaking scenes of lions and cheetahs hunting, especially in the evening when the sun heads west.

Apart from animals, Amboseli is home to over 400 species of birds that mainly depend on the many swamps that are found here. These birds include pelicans, egrets, herons, crowned cranes, and flamingoes, primarily present during the wet seasons.

Amboseli National Park - Elephants - Kenya Safari and Beach

Day 5: Full-Day Game Drive at Amboseli National Park with Packed Lunch

You will have a full-day game drive at Amboseli National Park, which will accompany a delicious meal in the bush. You should be ready to head out after breakfast when our tour guide picks you up for a day full of adventure in one of the finest parks in Kenya.

Before you even start to spot animals, you will be treated to the exhaling sight of the golden rays of the morning sun across the Amboseli. An experience you cannot miss. The mornings at Amboseli are calmer and more relaxed, and it is the best time to come across many of the animals that reside here heading to grazing fields.

You may also see the hard-to-spot leopards in action at this time of the day, as many predators come to life during the early hours and late evenings. Our guide will drive you to the five different habitats in Amboseli to unearth and experience other types of wildlife found in each of them.

At around noon, it will be time to unpack the lunch. You will enjoy it at one of the designated safe points in the park. After the delicious meal, you will head to the observation hill, where you will have a phenomenal view of the park.

Here you will see vegetation, herds of elephants, Amboseli swamps, landscape, and vegetation. It is also an excellent point to take photographs. Down the hill is where the famous Lake Amboseli is located, and with it comes a variety of birds, including pelicans, flamingoes, Egyptian geese, and others.

It is still on the observation hill where you can capture the beautiful scenes of the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. By the time you are done with all this, it will be in the evening, and you will drive back to your hotel for the night; however, you will see more animals on the way.

Day 6: Transfer to Naivasha & Boat Ride at Lake Naivasha (Walking Safari at Crescent Island)

Your Kenya holidays beach and safari will take you to Lake Naivasha. You will start this road trip in the morning, and it takes about 5-hours. The journey will see you make a stopover at the Great Rift Valley. 

The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint 

The Great Rift Valley is one of the most remarkable geological features on the planet. Stretching over 6,000 kilometers from Lebanon in the north to Mozambique in the south, the valley is home to some of Africa’s most iconic landscapes. 

The view from the Great Rift Valley Viewpoint is genuinely breathtaking. To the east, the valley plunges into a vast landscape of plains and lakes, while to the west, the jagged peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains loom large. In between, herds of gazelle and zebra roam freely across the grasslands. It is an unforgettable experience to witness such natural beauty firsthand.

From here, the safari guide will take you to the hotel for check-in, take lunch, and then head out to Lake Naivasha in the afternoon. You will find plenty to see and do at Lake Naivasha, one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations.

Boat Ride at Lake Naivasha  

You can take a boat ride out onto the lake to get a closer look at the wildlife. In the lake, expect to see some hippos and other aquatic animals. There are also dozens of birds to keep your eyes entertained. 

Walking Safari at Crescent Island 

A visit to Crescent Island usually accompanies the boat ride. Crescent Island is one of the few places where you can walk amongst free-roaming animals without needing a vehicle or guide.  The island is located in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, and is home to various animals, including zebra, impala, giraffe, and wildebeest. 

These animals are used to the presence of humans and will often allow you to get close for a better view or photograph. In addition to the abundant wildlife, Crescent Island is also beautiful, with its lush vegetation and stunning views of the lake. Whether you’re an experienced safari-goer or a first-time traveler, Crescent Island is worth a visit.

Day 7: Transfer to Lake Nakuru & Game Drives at Lake Nakuru National Park 

The sun kisses the earth’s core, and it’s morning; time for a new adventure in Lake Nakuru National Park! Located on the Great Rift Valley floor, Lake Nakuru is best known for its thousands, sometimes millions of flamingos.

The birds move back and forth, filling the sky and blanketing the water below with stunning pink and red colors. The lake is at an elevation of 1,754 m (5,755 ft) and is housed within the Lake Nakuru National Park. Here, you can enjoy a wide ecological diversity from pockets of acacia forests, waterfalls, and rocky terrains.

Aside from flamingos, the park is home to lions, leopards, hippos, endangered Rothschild’s giraffes, and white and black rhinos. We shall ride to Flamingo Hill, a favorite lion spot, and watch lionesses lazing on tree branches.

Later, we will tour Makalia camp, a leopard’s chilling den. Afterward, we shall grab a quick drink and experience Nakuru’s nightlife before heading back to the hotel for some shut-eye. Lake Nakuru has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2011), International Birding Area (2009), and a RAMSAR Site (1990).

Day 8: Transfer to Masai Mara & Afternoon Game Drive at the Reserve

On day 8, you will get a transfer to the world’s famous game reserve. It is a long way, and the journey will start early in the morning. You will make a stopover at Narok Town. The stopover will give you time to stretch and get what you might require for the remaining safari.

Narok town is about 3 hours drive from Nairobi and just about 2 hours drive to Masai Mara, mainly on a rough road. After the short break, you will embark on the rest of the journey to the reserve, and you will arrive at around noon, where you will check into a hotel and have lunch. 

Afterward, our experienced tour guide will pick you up for an afternoon game drive that will give you a different experience from the one you had in Amboseli. Masai Mara National Reserve is found in the southwestern part of Kenya along the border of Tanzania. The Reserve is famous for wildebeest migration that can make your holiday to Kenya safari and beach more exciting.

However, the migration occurs from July to October, though you will likely encounter some wildebeests that reside permanently at the reserve. Mara is also known for its diverse flora and fauna that spread through the reserve’s 1510 square kilometers.

During the game drive, you will see the big five: elephants, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, and leopards-though they are hard to see sometimes. Other animals that are easy to see at the park include cheetahs, waterbucks, gazelles, giraffes, and warthogs.

There are also over 500 bird species that call Masai Mara home. The birds include hornbills, crowned cranes, sacred ibis, and egrets.

Day 9: Full-Day Game Drive at Masai Mara with Packed Lunch 

One of the best ways to experience the Mara is on a full-day game drive. Led by our experienced guides, game drives allow you to explore the reserve in an open-sided vehicle, getting up close to the animals as they go about their daily lives. 

You’ll also have the chance to learn about Mara’s unique ecosystem and the efforts being made to protect it. A full-day game drive is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed on any trip to the Masai Mara.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is home to a wide variety of animals, including lions, elephants, buffaloes, and zebras. If you want to see some of these animals in their natural habitat, go on a game drive while in reserve. You’ll have a chance to get close to them and learn more about their lives and their environment.

Hot Air Balloon - Safari and Beach vacation

Day 10: Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride/Morning Game Drive, Visit a Maasai Village, & Afternoon Game Drive 

On this day, our charming guide shall pick you from your hotel at dawn and drive you to the hot air balloon launch site. The launch site is more like an airport, lacking expensive gadgets and runways.

The hot air balloon shall rise to the sky immediately after the sun rises and stay in the sky for about 1-2 hours. Depending on the wind conditions, you will cover approximately 15-25 km. The pilot can control the balloon such that it flies close enough to the ground for you to view the wildlife below.

The view from the air balloon ride is spectacular and memorable; the true “Out of Africa safari experience. The balloon shall take you over the diverse habitats of the Masai Mara National Reserve; The Savannah grasslands, the Mara River, Swamps, and forests.

All members of the big 5; leopard, rhino, buffalo, lion, and the elephant are some of the usual suspects you will catch during the ride. This is also your chance to film awesome videos and photos of antelopes, birds, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and more.

Upon landing, you will be served a champagne breakfast in the open savannahs of the Masai Mara. After, you enjoy a morning game drive as you head to the Maasai village.  A country as vast as Kenya is bound to offer diversity. Day 10 of your Kenya safari and beach packages is about exploring the rich culture of the world’s most famous tribe, the Maasais.

I am pretty sure you must have seen those beautiful photos of Maasai warriors jumping high with the savannahs, dotted with wildlife, as their background. The Maasai is the tribe on every safari brochure or magazine.

A Maasai village that consists of small cow-dung plastered huts with thatched roofs. A thorny fence surrounds each hut to protect the livestock from predators. Typically, the animals are housed within the fenced compound. But by the time we arrive, they will be out grazing.

You will be welcomed with smiley faces and relaxing traditional songs. Maasai women will put necklaces and wraps around the ladies, and Maasai men will dress the men in the traditional Maasai sarongs. Have your camera ready. This is the perfect photo moment. You will then follow the Maasais into the Manyattas as they chant and sing.

What’s the importance of the Maasai Jump? What’s a Maasai house like? How do Maasais learn to make fire using only dried leaves and sticks? Day 10 of your safari holiday is your moment to interact with the Maasais and discover how the Maasais survive with the wild animals.

You will head back to the camp for lunch and enjoy an afternoon game drive. 

Day 11: Morning Game Drive at Masai Mara & Flight to Diani

Today, you will wake up to yet another exciting game drive, to sum up, a successful wild tour of Masai Mara National Reserve. There are many other animals and places you might not have seen since the park is relatively large and diverse.

Morning hours are the ideal time for getting a glimpse of cats in action, especially cheetahs and lions, but depending on your luck, you may also spot the leopards. Masai Mara is also known for eye-catching sights apart from the typical wildlife you will find easily here.

These unique places include the Sand River, where you experience a picturesque combination of dramatic rocks, riverine forests, and sandbanks. Another place is the Mara River, where you will come into close contact with hippos and Nile crocodiles enjoying the river’s cold water.

The two rivers are on the migration route, where nearly 2 million wildebeest and other grazers cross from Serengeti to Masai Mara yearly.  Sand River and Mara River are also perfect places to watch other non-aquatic animals as they come to quench their thirst, especially when it becomes hot.

Animals that you are likely to see at this time include a group of waterbucks, gazelles, zebras, buffaloes, and some monkeys on the riverine vegetation.

However, it will be a long day, and the game tour will end in the afternoon. Soon after the game drive, you will catch a direct flight from Masai Mara to Ukunda, which will take about 2.5 hours; then, get a transfer to the hotel in Diani Beach.

Day 12: Full-Day Trip to Wasini Island with Lunch 

Join us for a day trip to the beautiful island of Wasini! This small island off the coast of Kenya is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, with its clear turquoise waters and rich coral reefs. But Wasini is also a great place to relax on the beach, swim, or explore the village.

 Our knowledgeable guides will show you everything Wasini offers, from the best spots for swimming and diving to the best places to find souvenirs. And, of course, we’ll ensure you have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and enjoy the stunning views. So join us for a day of fun in the sun!

Day 13, 14, & 15: Spend Time at the Hotel/Beach 

Diani beach is an Indian Ocean resort located 30 km from the southern coast of Mombasa, Kenya. The beach is the best the south coast has ever seen, and God! Isn’t she stunning?

Vacations here are far from ordinary; they are levitating, relaxing, and therapeutic. Walk down the sandy beaches and let the tender whisper of the ocean soothe your qualms.

Day 16: Check-Out & Flight to Nairobi 

After your 15 days in Kenya, it’s time to head back home. You will catch a flight from Diani to Nairobi and connect with your international one.

Items Included in the Kenya Beach and Safari Price 

  • Pickup from JKIA on day 1
  • Professional safari guide 
  • Exclusive use of a 4×4 safari vehicle 
  • Bottled mineral drinking water 
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Park fees and government taxes 
  • Tours to Giraffe Center, David Sheldrick, Nairobi National Museum, & Snake Park on day 1
  • Lunch at Carnivore Restaurant on day 1
  • Transfer to Tsavo West & Afternoon Game Drive on day 2
  • Full-Day at Tsavo West National Park on day 3
  • Transfer to Amboseli and Afternoon Game Drive on day 4
  • Full-Day at Amboseli National Park on day 5
  • Transfer to Naivasha, Boat Ride, & Walking Safari at Crescent Island on day 6
  • Transfer to Nakuru & Game Drives at Lake Nakuru National Park on day 7
  • Transfer to Masai Mara & Afternoon Game Drive on day 8
  • Full-Day at Masai Mara National Reserve on day 9
  • Morning Game Drive, Visit a Maasai Village, & Afternoon Game Drive on day 10
  • Flight to Diani on day 11
  • Wasini Day Trip – Full-Day on day 12
  • Spend Time at Diani Beach – Hotel on days 13, 14, and 15
  • Check-Out, Flight to Nairobi, & Connect with International Flight on day 16

Items Excluded from the Holiday to Kenya Safari and Beach Price

Safari Price Per Person Sharing for the 16 Days, 15 Nights Kenya Safari and Beach Vacation

Travel Dates/Months

Price Per Person Sharing – Based on 2 Pax

Jan & Feb 2024

March 2024

April & May 2024
USD 5220

USD 5180 

USD 4488

June 2024

July, Aug, Sep, & Oct 2024

USD 4794

USD 6920

Nov – 15th Dec 2024

16th Dec 2024 – 1st Jan 2025

 USD 5257

USD 6984

The safari is based on 2 adults traveling together. Kindly reach us to get a quote if you are traveling alone or as a group.