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The Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru was built in the early 2000s and was made ideally for the accommodation of tourists who were frequent visitors in Nakuru town. As years went by, the hotel was polished into what it is now.

Not only is it a holiday resort for the foreign mgeni (visitor), but it is also a family friendly hotel where the locals go to break the monotony of their busy weeks and just relax. Whether you are alone, a group of friends or a family traveling together, all your needs will be catered for there.

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The Ultimate Guide to Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru

Located in the heart of Nakuru, Waterbuck Hotel is the perfect place to stay when visiting this bustling city. With a range of amenities, including a restaurant, bar and swimming pool, it’s easy to see why this hotel is one of the area’s top accommodation spots. 

The rooms are spacious and modern, with comfortable beds, free wifi and flat-screen TVs. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes from a range of cuisines, while the bar serves up a range of drinks and cocktails. 

The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens that provide guests with a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.  With its convenient location, friendly staff and range of facilities, Waterbuck Hotel is an ideal choice for those looking to explore Nakuru in style. 

Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Owner

The Waterbuck Hotel in Nakuru is owned by the Waterbuck Hotels Group. The hotel group has hotels located all around Kenya, as well as in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. The Waterbuck Hotels Group prides itself on providing high-quality accommodation and services to its guests, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Location & Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Direction

The Waterbuck Hotel in Nakuru is conveniently located close to a variety of attractions, such as the nearby lake and national park. It’s also just a short drive away from the city centre, making it easy to explore the local area.

Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Facilities

The hotel offers a range of facilities for guests to enjoy, including a restaurant and bar, swimming pool, gym and spa. The hotel also has conference and meeting rooms, perfect for business travelers. Additionally, the hotel offers free wifi throughout and a 24-hour reception desk. 

Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Prices

The Waterbuck Hotel in Nakuru offers competitive prices for their rooms and services. Special packages are available for those who wish to stay longer, as well as discounts for corporate guests. 

Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Buffet Price

The Waterbuck Hotel in Nakuru offers an extensive buffet for guests to enjoy. The buffet is available at a fixed price and includes dishes from a variety of cuisines.

Waterbuck hotel nakuru - resting area
Swimming Pool at Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru

7 Reasons to Stay at Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru

Aside from getting the chance to make new local friends, here are 7 reasons why you should book a stay with the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru.

1. Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Location

Whenever you are going to a new place, and you are not camping, the first thing we all look for is a place that is easily accessible to and from the city.  The area should at least be close to a supplies store, a hospital in case of emergencies, easy transportation and most importantly, security.

The Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru is all of these things. You may think it is just a promotional exaggeration ploy, but it is nothing but the truth. The hotel right next to the famous Westside Mall which has most if not all shopping facilities you may need.

From the Nakumatt supermarket to cosmetic shops, to boutiques, salons, shoe shops and world renown cafes and restaurants. They are all under one roof. To the south of the hotel is the Valley Hospital, which is just a stone throw away. We wouldn’t wish for any need for the hospital, but if need be, you are covered.

If you are the adventurous type, the hotel is located a few meters away from the heart of the town and so a morning or afternoon explore stroll would be more than safe. On your way, you will meet hawkers, bodabodas (motorcycle or bicycle taxis), tuk-tuks, tall buildings, gardens, and local restaurants just to mention a few.

You may even take a bodabodas ride just for the fun of it. But be careful when doing so. Make sure you agree on the price before taking the trip. Also, ensure that the driver you pick has his safety jacket and helmet on. Safety first right?

If you are planning a game drive to the Lake Nakuru National Park, you will be there in not more than 15 minutes. This is because it is just 5km away from the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru and the traffic is not as bad in the town.

Nakuru being almost at the center of the Rift Valley, you can actually visit all the five lakes in the valley (Naivasha, Elementaita, Nakuru, Bogoria, and Baringo).

You will get to see the vast variety of wildlife, graceful flamingoes and magnificent hot water springs, diverse yet warm cultures and still go back to your warm, cozy bed at the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru in the evening afterward, as they are not far apart from each other.

So much about location. Let us see what else it has to offer, but before that, here are our Kenya Safari Packages.

2. Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Parking Space

Parking space can be a struggle for most accommodation areas especially those close to the city, but not for the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru. There are both outside and inside parking areas, which have 24-hour surveillance cameras and security guards.

Whether you are an individual or a large group, do not worry, your vehicles will be well parked and taken care of.

Waterbuck hotel in Nakuru
King Size bed at Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru

3. Waterbuck Nakuru Security

The Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru is located in a very secure place with aforementioned surveillance, security guards and with street lights working at night. Because of the mall and the hospital and other institutions that are in the vicinity, there is nothing to worry about even when you happen to have a late night out.

4. Waterbuck Nakuru Hotel Customer Care

You have just arrived in this new country, and new town and you are worried that it will be hard to get by. Good news! At the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru, your satisfaction and happiness is the primary goal.

The staff at the hotel have been trained to not only make you comfortable but to be your family during your stay. You will be welcomed by the security guards by the gate, the Butlers by the entrance who will take care of your luggage for you, and the receptionists who will give you the best rooms suiting your preferences.

They will also ensure that you get whatever you need whenever you need it. In case you are troubled about language disparities, do not bother yourself. There are staff members in the hotel fluent in more than three languages including English, French, and Spanish.

5. Hotel Waterbuck Nakuru - Accommodation

The Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru allows and encourages you to book for your room(s) before arrival so that you may find it well prepared when you get there. The other reason is that early booking allows you to secure yourself a room, an activity which may be a bit strenuous, especially during peak season.

The array of rooms, all exquisite and classy, include the standard room, the deluxe, the superior room, the junior suite and lastly the suite. All these are available, and it will be your preference and budget that will determine which one you get.

All rooms have a TV set with powerful sound systems, a telephone line, Wi-Fi, elegant beds, sitting space, closet space and hot showers.

Game drives at Lake Nakuru National Park
Go for Game Drives at Lake Nakuru National Park

6. Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru Fun Facilities

So you have arrived, freshened up and settled in and you feel like exploring and seeing what else the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru has. You will find the dining area right by the reception area where you can order for food or drink at any time.

The hotel has top of the peak chefs that make mind-blowing dishes to suit everyone. From local dishes that you must try otherwise, your Kenyan experience will be lacking in international cuisine including seafood.

If you are vegetarian, you are also catered for, and you will fit right in with the mouthwatering bites. If you are the athletic type, you will find the aerobics area which offers training sessions more appealing to you. There you can get your early morning exercise which will leave you energetic and fresh for the rest of the day.

For the lazy chilled days, you can just sit at the bar by the pool and enjoy a drink with enjoyable background music. You can even learn a few Swahili words from the barkeep.

When it gets hot, do not feel shy to take a dip in the clean, alluring Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru swimming pool. If you are on a business trip, the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru has events and meeting halls of various sizes that you can hire and comfortably work away in.

7. Hotel Waterbuck Nakuru - Review

The online presence and response of the hotel’s feedback team is commendable. Almost all institutions these days are tech-savvy, yes, but the Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru prides itself on being not only present but social with its clients.

Whether via phone call, email or social media platforms, your inquiries, complaints and contributions will be received and addressed in the shortest time possible and with the kindest hearts and biggest smiles.

So what are you waiting for? Choose Waterbuck Hotel Nakuru if Nakuru Kenya is your destination. Umekaribishwa! (You are very welcome). Find out more on our camping safaris.