Lake Nakuru Camping - Top 6 Tented Camps in Nakuru & Camping Packages

Camping Sites in Nakuru -

Which are the leading camping sites in Nakuru? Our professional safari consultants and safari guides have looked at the top tented camps in Nakuru.  These sites let you enjoy the breathtaking views, warm temperatures, and incredible landscapes of Lake Nakuru National Park

Nakuru is located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, and it offers adventurous travelers the chance to escape the masses and see some of the most beautiful sites in Kenya. These include Lake Nakuru, Lake Nakuru National Park, Menengai Crater, Kigio Wildlife Conservancy, etc.

A rewarding feeling comes with pitching a tent and spending the night beneath the stars. However, spending the night under a canvas is simply not enough. You need to book your stay at a beautiful camping site that connects you one-on-one with nature and gives you endless opportunities to savor the county’s beauty.

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Our Most Booked Nakuru Campsite & Other Safari Packages

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The Top 6 Camping Sites in Nakuru - Review of the Top Tented Camps

It can be a tall order looking for the best hotels in Nakuru, but these six cheap camping sites in Nakuru can make your search easier.

Lake Nakuru Camping Accommodation #1. Lake Nakuru Tented Camp

Located within Lake Nakuru National Park, the Lake Nakuru Tented Camp is a tranquil spot where you can relax and interact with nature. You can expect a magnificent view of the concentrated flamingos resembling a pink blanket covering the surface of Lake Nakuru from the camp.

In addition to pitching a tent in a small and intimate bush camp, the camping site has no shortage of hiking trails. You can hike along the cliffs of the Rift Valley to experience spectacular views of the lake below.

The camping sites also offer an opportunity to camp at an eco-friendly bush camp with minimal impact on the environment. There are no permanent structures, and once the tents are taken down, the sites revert to nature.

Camping at Lake Nakuru Tented Camp lets you revive the opportunity to explore the unusual forested area, home to black and white rhinos, the endangered Rothschild giraffes, lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, impala, and different species of birds.

Nakuru Campsite #2. Mbweha Camp

Nestled up against the southern border of Lake Nakuru National Park, Mbweha Camp offers you beautiful views over the Eburru and Mau ranges. The camping site hides behind big lush trees where you can view some of the 450 resident and migratory birds, including the famous flamingos. 

Located so close to hand, Lake Nakuru National Park is the best thing to endure here, but it is the icing on the cake if you are camping at Mbweha Camp. The camp is named after a jackal, the Swahili word ‘’mbweha’. 

At this camping site, you can find all the three species of jackal found in East Africa; the Golden jackal, the Silver-backed jackal, and the Side-striped jackal. If you’re an animal lover, then you can enjoy the company of plains game such as warthogs, grants, zebras, gazelle, eland, impala, hyena, dik-dik, buffalo, baboon, giraffe, waterbuck, aardvark, and flamingo.

This camping site is famous for its most charming experiences with its natural sanctuary of fauna and a great variety of wildlife, giving you the best of Kenya safari camp.

Tented Camps in Nakuru #3. Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

Located within Lake Nakuru National Park, this camping site is quite a in demand when it comes to camping in Nakuru. It is exceptionally breathtaking and offers you a front-row chair to one of the most avifauna performances in Kenya safari camps.

The serene location, located on the shores of Lake Nakuru, offers tented canvas camps and an exciting view as the flamingos wade around the shores of the lake looking for food. However, the show begins when all the birds take flight, and the spectacle is known to attract nature photographers and nature filmmakers from all over the world.

Small and exclusive, the camping site has the modern camping enthusiast in mind. The tents are furnished to maximize comfort with lush lawns and awe-inspiring modern facilities without compromising the camping adventure.

You are unlikely to find a more excellent camping site on the shores of Lake Nakuru, and it’s here you will get a taste of the famous flamingo hill cocktails as you watch the sun going down over the lake. If this is not relaxing enough, you can always enjoy a pampering massage as a luxurious way to end your day in the bush. - Lake Nakuru National Park
Tented Camps are the Best Alternative to Lodges

Cheap Camping Sites in Nakuru #4. Lakira Camp

Lakira camp is a luxurious camping site located at the edge of Lake Nakuru within the Lake Nakuru National Park. Also located away from the busy hotels in Nakuru National Park, Lakira camp offers you a personal camping site surrounded by a world of beauty.

The camping site is discreetly tucked away in the trees that flank it, allowing you to walk outside your tents into their own seemingly private wilderness in a classic bush style. Lakira camp combines the ultimate luxury camping experience with views of the sparkling water of Lake Nakuru that hold the promise of all the fine things that Kenya safari has to offer. 

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and the stunning flamingos that accompany it all while sitting on the balcony of your tent.

Camping Site in Nakuru #5. Rhino Campsite

Rhino campsite is one of the most popular camping sites in Nakuru. If you are looking for a traditional camping experience, this is the place to be. The camping site has a uniquely rewarding game-viewing venue for the endangered Black Rhino and the White Rhino.  

Its facilities are unique, with simplicity being the main motto. The campsite is not luxurious, but any camper knows that is all you need for an authentic camping experience.

Best Lake Nakuru Camping Site #6. Makalia Falls Camspite

Everything about this camping site is intense; the large Makalia falls, large herds of buffalo, and the sound of the wildlife hidden just out of sight. Makalia falls campsite is a somewhat elusive camping site located at the southern tip of Lake Nakuru National Park

It’s a public campsite that lies at the banks of the Makalia river and a large waterfall that feeds into it. Located next to the kiwi plains, Makalia campsite is famous among traditional campers due to its basic facilities. 

This is the place to go when you need a quiet tent, a little fresh air, exciting nature walks, and game drives.

Those are the top camps that provide you with the ultimate nature experience. Other camps you can find at Lake Nakuru National Park include  Oloiden Camp Site Nakuru and Punda Milias Nakuru Camp. Find out more about the above camping sites in Kenya and prices in our next piece.