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They have long necks stretched out to the towering acacia trees when we get to the Giraffe center. They are so busy munching on the green, oblivious of how sensationally beautiful they are.

The giraffes are gorgeous; more like we’re all watching a movie unfolding. On the other hand, we are restless, moving left-right and center, looking for that perfect shot.

A young kid squeals as a giraffe licks off a food pellet from his hand, sending his female counterparts into endless bouts of laughter. On the right stands a couple, the woman kissing the giraffe as her male counterpart takes unending pics of the adorable duo.

A newly married couple on a honeymoon, Maina, our travel guide, thinks out loud, and we all agree.

Perfect is what you see with your eyes closed. It is what is felt with the heart. The Giraffe Centre is the epitomization of perfect. It is the place you run to when everything else is running toward you.

It is where brilliant meets remarkable, and it is one of the places you should visit during your Kenya holidays. Here is all you need to know about the Giraffe Center.

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 African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (A.F.E.W. Kenya) History

The Giraffe Centre, also known as the Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW), was founded in the ’70s by the late Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife, Betty Leslie-Melville. They were alarmed by the dwindling population of the Rothschild Giraffe, and they decided to take action.

The giraffe species was near extinction due to the sudden loss of their habitat in Western Kenya. Their ‘save a species’ journey began with them taking two giraffes, a male, and a female, to their Lang’ata home in Nairobi.

They raised the two younglings from their home and even, much later, started a giraffe breeding program. The two then went on to register the organization with the US, opening the center to donations from willing US citizens.

The organization garnered enough funds to facilitate the movement of five groups of giraffes into safe zones. Only 130 Rothschild Giraffes existed when their journey began; today, thanks to them, their population stands at 300.

The Giraffe Center has, over the years, introduced breeding pairs of the giraffe species in Kenyan National parks such as the Ruma National Park and the Lake Nakuru National Parks.

 Giraffe Center Location, Giraffe Center Entry Fee, & Giraffe Centre Opening Hours 

Giraffe Centre is only 5km from the country’s capital Nairobi. We arrange all your travel needs when visiting this attraction in Nairobi, so don’t worry about Giraffe Centre directions.

Finding your way through a new country can be somewhat strenuous, the stress we don’t want you to have. We do it all for you; we pick you up and drop you off at the drop of a hat. 

Giraffe Centre is open every day of the week from 9 AM to 5 AM, weekdays and public holidays included. Make sure to carry your IDs; persons over 18 are not allowed into the facility without them.

Giraffe Centre entry fees vary depending on your age and nationality. The entry fees are channeled into the organization’s teachers and students of Kenya’s conservation education program.

Below is a breakdown of the center’s entry fee, which you can also find on their official website.


Entry Fee

Non-Resident Adult 

USD 15

Non-Resident Child 

USD 7.5

Resident Adult 

KES 400

Resident Child 

KES 200

School Children 

Free When Booking a Week in Advance

 The Best Things to Do at the Giraffe Center

The Giraffe Centre is every dream come true. It’s a castle on a hill rich with spectacular views and a calming feel. Located 5km from the busy Nairobi city, the place is perfect for weekend getaways or refreshing daytime tours.

It is the place you take your kids to on a dull, hot Saturday afternoon. It is the therapy you need when your boss doesn’t give you peace of mind. Fitted with raised platforms up to about 4 meters, almost the same height as the giraffes, one can interact intimately with the animals.

Feed them, pet them or take a picture or two, whichever suits you best. Daily, the Giraffe Centre allows groups of ongoing children to visit the park free of charge.

Their expenses are fully catered for by the amount tourists pay as an entry fee. The change allows them to learn of the importance of the environment and its conservation. The organization looks to make us all friendly to the environment, and they know that the best way to start is with the kids.

Also within the center is a 1.5km nature forest where you can walk or hike. The natural forest is scenic and serene by all means. Quiet with lush green vegetation, cool breezy wind, and an ambiance to die for; the forest will leave you begging for more.

Bird lovers will love the Gogo River Sanctuary which is also within the Giraffe Centre. The place is home to over 60 avid species which we can help you spot while on the nature trail.

We can additionally trail down to the Gogo River and up to the viewpoint which is home to the Ngong hills which source the Gogo River. Hyenas, the dik-dik, bushbucks, and monkeys are some of the animals you should expect to see on your nature forest trail.

The warthog den is also as spectacular. Here you get amazed at the sight of dirty warthogs playing and wrestling in the mud.

Evenings are spent at the Giraffe Center Nairobi restaurant tea house, the original house of the Leslie-Melville couple, which was refurbished later in the years. Here you get to wind down your day with cool refreshments, engaging conversations with new people, giraffe watching and of course some Kenyan cuisines.

Do not forget to pass by the gift shop on your way out. The Daisy Zoovenir gift shop is full of magnificent souvenirs. 90% of the Giraffe Centre’s funds are derived from the tea house and gift shop and so every purchase you make goes a long way into ensuring its continuity.

Giraffe Center -

 The Top 8 Tips on How to Feed a Giraffe

  1.   Use your thumb and index finger to hold the pellet. Remember, one pellet at a time.
  2.   Feeding the giraffes on an open palm is not recommendable.
  3.   Avoid any sudden movements or loud disruptive noises when feeding the giraffes.
  4.   Feeding the giraffes with food other than that provided by the guides is prohibited
  5.   The giraffes tend to head-butt when you approach them without pellets. Always have some with you.
  6.   Giraffes hate teasing as much as you do. Feed them when you have the pellets.
  7.   Ask for help from the guides when needing any form of assistance
  8.   Just a reminder; the area is a no-smoking zone.