About Us - AjKenyaSafaris.com Ltd

Karibu Kenya. That’s to say, “Welcome to Kenya.” Of course, with an African smile. We are a team of professional Kenya safari team born and raised in Kenya and lovers of mother nature.

We established this travel and tour company to give you all the information and support you need to explore the splendid beauty of our country on meticulously orchestrated itineraries. Our team understands that you have a personalized list of things you want to do and see in Kenya.

In our opinion, personalized Kenya safari packages offer the best way to explore Kenya. Consequently, we tailor-make your Kenya tour to suit your holiday dream.


AjKenyaSafaris.com Ltd is among the leading tour and travel companies in Kenya, with years of experience providing the best safaris in Kenya. It also owns the United Kingdom-based KenyaLuxurySafaris.co.uk and the India-based MasaiMaraSafari.in websites. 

But why should you book your safari with AjKenyaSafaris.com Ltd?

We Tailor-Make Your Safari

Tailor-Made Kenya safari itineraries offer the maximum value for money. You get to explore Kenya at your pace with the insights of our knowledgeable safari guides. At AjKenyasafaris.com, we tailor and customize your safari itinerary till it’s how you dreamt it.

This unique approach to Kenya tours, coupled with our guides being all born and raised in Kenya, is our key differentiator. It makes us the top choice for explorers who want insider access to our country’s natural wonders.

Our goal is to give you a holistic Kenya safari holiday. Every stop will be a highlight of your Kenya trip. We know our country intimately, and there is no substitute for local advice regarding African safaris.

We Are Local Specialists

Some African safari companies spread their wings too wide. They try to offer safaris in a multitude of countries. They provide a diluted safari experience. You only see the big sites but miss the insider access that connects you with the culture of the people you meet and the history of the destinations you visit. Our team is different!

We believe that the best way to explore a new country is with the people who were born and raised around the specific destinations you want to discover. Consequently, we only offer holidays within the borders of our country.

We will not show you Africa; we promise to show you Kenya better than anyone else.

We Breathe and Live Green-Tourism

We believe that traveling should make the world a better place and that we must give back to the people who work, safeguard, or live around the destinations we visit. For every safari booked with us, 10% goes towards tree-planting, non-profits, and community-based- organizations.

Whenever possible, we hire local performers and buy local products in the areas we visit.

We Know Kenya Intimately

Our team has over 50 years of experience living, working, and exploring Kenya. We know Kenya and deliver a truly immersive and worry-free Kenya holiday experience. Just tell us the fun things you want to do or see in Kenya, and we will show you the best destinations for safaris.

We are Kenya’s most experienced safari guides.


We are a safari-oriented team. So, we take care of all your travel logistics and nuances, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Our Kenya safari packages are all-inclusive, and we book your stay in the best safari lodges and accommodations in Kenya.

With our all-inclusive tailor-made Kenya safari options, you are bound to have nothing but fun and adventure. Our business has grown from strength to strength through referrals. By the end of your Kenya tour, you will be yearning for more.

WhatsApp, Phone, or Zoom Consultation

We start planning every Kenya tour with one-on-one chat or call through Zoom or WhatsApp. The meeting allows us to familiarize ourselves with you, understand your Kenya travel plans better, and make a list of the things you would like to see and do in Kenya.

On your end, you get to meet the Kenya holiday consultant who will be planning your holiday. During the consultation, we aim to learn what you want from the trip. 

Are you coming to Kenya to celebrate a special moment in your life? Do you have specific destinations you would love to explore? Or are you a honeymooner looking for the perfect honeymoon destination in Kenya? We will also answer all your questions about visiting Kenya.

You Get the Draft Kenya Safari Itinerary

After we have collected all the details about your Kenya holiday, our consultants will sit down and orchestrate the best Kenya safari itinerary for you. We will share the itinerary within 1-2 days.

Our itineraries are all-inclusive and detailed. We take care of everything from airport pick-up to where you will stay. We will also outline activities. Items included and excluded in the cost of your Kenya safari package are indicated. 

With us, there are no unpleasant surprises. It’s an immersive, fun-loaded, hassle-free adventure at its best. If you have small kids, we will try not to keep you out too late or long so that you can always have some family time to relax and bond at the end of the day.

Customizing Your Tour

When we are confident that we have the best itinerary (within 1-2 days), we will show it to you to get your thoughts, opinions, and approval. We may have missed a detail, or there might be an activity that does not excite you, or you may even have a change of mind. Feel free to communicate all this to us.

Our job is to cut and carve out the plan to make your Kenya holiday the most memorable time of your life. We shall shake things up to the point where you will nod with a big smile.