Christmas Vacation Packages - 3 Days, 2 Nights Masai Mara Christmas Package 2024

Christmas Vacation Packages - Masai Mara

Kenya Christmas vacation packages are epitomized by game drives in the leading safari destination, Masai Mara National Reserve. The world-renowned premier national reserve needs little in the way of introduction. 

Its tawny, wildlife-packed savannahs and terrains are familiar to any nature enthusiast and those who have watched wildlife documentaries. Including the reserve on our Masai Mara Christmas Packages 2024 allows you to experience different safari activities to make your trip other-worldly and memorable.

Our broad selection of safari activities in this spectacular Kenyan gem has been carefully curated in close partnership with some of the best lodges in Masai Mara. With us, it boils down to your preferences and budget.

It’s your choice whether you prefer to experience the splendor of the savannah by safari vans or 4 x 4 land cruisers, during the day or after dark, in lodges or tented camps. The choice is yours.

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Our 3 Days, 2 Nights Masai Mara Christmas Package Deals 2024

Masai Mara Camp/LodgeRoad Transfer Safari Price Per PersonFlying Package Price Per Person
Sentrim Masai MaraUSD 1290USD 1840
Crocodile CampUSD 1250USD 1800
Enkorok MaraUSD 1325USD 1875
Basecamp AdventureUSD 1280USD 1830
Basecamp Masai MaraUSD 1560USD 2110
Mara Sopa Lodge USD 1483USD 2033
Sarova Mara Game CampUSD 1784USD 2334
Keekorok Lodge USD 1706USD 2256
Sekenani CampUSD 1660USD 2210
Mtito Safari CampUSD 1490USD 2040
Ilkeliani CampUSD 2190USD 2740
Mara Maisha CampUSD 2040USD 2590
Entim USD 2340USD 2890
Mara Intrepids CampUSD 2420USD 2970
Mara ExplorerUSD 2520USD 3070
Mara Crossing CampUSD 2500USD 3050
Mara Serena Safari LodgeUSD 1770USD 2320
Zebra Plains USD USD 
Miti MingiUSD USD 
Lerai Safari CampNAUSD 
Entim Private WingUSD USD 
Entim MaraUSD USD 
Olare Mara KempinskiNAUSD 
Governors CampNAUSD 
Sand River CampUSD USD 
Little Governors CampNAUSD 
Elephant Pepper CampN/AUSD 
Mara Expedition CampNAUSD 
Governors II Moran CampNAUSD 
Governors Private CampNAUSD 
Sala’s CampNAUSD 
Mara Nyika CampNAUSD 
Mara Plain CampNAUSD 

The above price is based on two adults traveling together sharing a safari vehicle and a double room. They exclude Christmas supplements of USD 60 Per Person Per Night on 24th & 25th December and 31st Dec & 1st Jan and are valid during the festive season from 22nd  Dec to 2nd Jan.

Reach us to customize your safari if you are a solo traveler or traveling while three or more people. Hotels are subject to availability.

Kenya In December: Top Activities to Do in Masai Mara National Reserve 

Here are some of the activities that our guests often enjoy when they visit the Masai Mara with us.

 1. Masai Mara Game Drives 

The main event of our Masai Mara Christmas holiday packages in Kenya is game drives. Our professional safari guide allows you to experience wildlife up close in their natural habitats.

We usually do our game drives in three shifts: morning game drives that start as early as dawn to catch up with the sun risers. This gives you the best chance to witness animals such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, elephants, and others before it gets hot later in the day.

As such, morning game drives are the most rewarding since you will find most animals very active and fresh, roaming around the savannah looking for food. After it gets hot, most of these animals head to the Mara River to quench their thirst; we often prepare our guests to have picnic lunches at the banks.

Afternoon game drives, a few hours after lunch, till late when the sun sets. This allows you to witness the awe-inspiring sundowners while catching up with animals hunting for their dinners and others basking to enjoy the warmth of the setting’s sun.

This offers a great window to witness reptiles and other animals, such as Kobs, graze in groups and assemble together to rest.

Night game drives are not typical and are only done under strict tour guiding and escort of well-trained game rangers. These safari drives are most enjoyed by film and photography aficionados, who find delight in viewing more of the nocturnal animals in the park.

Masai Mara game drives are achievable throughout the year. The most rewarding times are the migratory period of the wildebeests and the Christmas green season when millions of migratory and permanent animals are present at the reserve.

 2. Masai Mara Guided-Walking Safaris

Our Christmas holiday packages in Kenya lets you reconnect with your spirit of adventure and follow in the footsteps of past explorers and Masai communities. Our guided walking safari on this pristine wilderness backdrop offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet with Masai Mara’s wildlife. 

During this adventurous trek, you will learn a lot about game tracking and witness some of the gems in the park that cannot be spotted from your safari vehicle. While walking safaris are not permitted in most parts of the reserves, we can arrange for this safari that goes for between USD 40 – USD 60 Per Person. 

 3. Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon Safari 

A hot air balloon in the Mara is possibly the best and most incredible way to consume the entire ecosystem in just a couple of hours. This allows you better view angles and perspectives of the area as you enjoy the reserve’s beauty from the sky.

In most cases, the hot air balloon safari commences just before dawn, with the balloon rising as the first sunlight awakens the Mara. Relish the serenity and stunning views as you float above the plans watching wildlife beneath you.

 4. Masai Mara Maasai Village Visit 

We incorporate a cultural tour to Maasai Village to let you experience and participate in diverse cultural activities. Here, you can learn about Maasai’s beliefs and way of life, experience their unique bomas (manyattas), and shop at their handcraft workshops and curio shops.