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My first 3-Day Masai Mara Safari Tour was an opener. Even though I am a local, I had neglected taking part in the Wildebeest Migration, saving it for last, as I kept telling myself.

The opportunity to be part of the AJ Kenya Safari travel team and witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World arose at a not-so-good time in my life, but I still took it. 

The intention was to get to the Mara, take as many photos as possible (as proof that I was there and to mark it off my bucket list), then get back to Nairobi as soon as I could. How wrong could I be about a Masai Mara tour?

Here is my personal experience of the Masai Mara safari tours, but before that, kindly reach us, and we will help you plan the best Maasai Mara safari tour.

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African Safari Tour Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration

Before telling you what to expect when you come for Masai Mara Kenya safari tours, let’s look at Africa’s wildebeest migration.  It has become known as ‘The World Cup of Wildlife.’ Thanks to the drama that ensues during the few days when millions of animals cross over from the Serengeti to the Mara.

July through October is the period, and the arena is the largest wildlife reserve in Kenya. During this time, wildebeest, zebras, and various antelope species escape the dry season in Tanzania to seek greener pastures in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

What makes the drama interesting (also the peak of the journey) is the actual crossing of the Mara River. In a real battle for survival, the animals cross a river choked with Nile crocodiles only to be welcomed by lions on the other side.

This journey is survival of the fittest. If a zebra makes it past the best hunter in freshwaters, they are likely to make a meal for King of the Jungle. This migration attracts over two million animals. If you plan only to make one trip to Kenya, then align it with the wildebeest migration, and you will create lifetime memories.

Who Am I? A Little About Me

I am Gladys, and I have partnered with Aj Kenya Safaris to bring you tips on making the most of your Kenyan safaris. You don’t have to sell your soul to take a 10-day safari (but you can’t say you’ve lived until you have witnessed a wildebeest migration).

I chose to travel with Aj Kenya Safaris for their reliability and knowledge of the country, besides offering the best Maasai Mara safari tours.  Plus, their WhatsApp consultation that you can access from anywhere is top-notch.

Masai Mara Safari Tour Guide - What to Expect During a Maasai Mara Safari Tour

The Mara is home to all the Big Five and several other wild animals. Even though the main event during the Migration is the actual crossing, you will also see several different animals and interact with nature.

The day starts at 6:00 am, and the game drives are well organized and run like clockwork. You can either choose an early morning drive, a later in the afternoon one from 3 pm, or a full-day one, but the management recommends a full-day if you want to see the Mara in its full glory.

The safari land cruisers leave the camps at precisely 5:45 am during the Masai Mara safari tours, so you had better wake up early to catch some coffee before you go. On day one, we got up at 5:00 am, got ready, and gathered for hot coffee, tea, and light snacks before leaving the hotel.

The safari guide came in at 5:30 am and left 15 minutes later for the vast wonderland. If you have never seen thousands of acres of savanna in the morning, this is the ideal time. The sight is breathtaking, and the drivers always stop on request or when they find the perfect angle of the rising sun. 

Once the guide takes off, they will usually not stop for snacks, but they will stop for better sightseeing and photography. They are also knowledgeable of the wild, the animals, and the several bird species that live in the Mara. 

My first drive was informative. The number of animals will depend on the season, but we saw several elephants. The guide reminded us to maintain silence as elephants hate noise. When the three large ones finally let us through, we went on to see a herd of buffaloes, two lions, about 13 lionesses and cubs, and several antelopes and gazelles. 

We also saw two young cheetahs, albeit at a distance, and more species of birds than I have ever seen. When we got back to the camp three hours later, breakfast was waiting.  I loved the Masai Mara hotel just like our morning Masai Mara tour due to the overwhelming food variety. 

We had local tea and coffee, tropical fruit filling plates with color, several kinds of cereal, fermented Uji (porridge), oat porridge, chapati (flatbread), mandazi (fried dough), samosa, beans, and marinated game meat.  Breakfast is pretty much the same during the rest of your stay, but you can contact the management in advance for any special requirements. The same goes for dinner and lunch.

After breakfast, we were free to spend the rest of the day as we pleased. The campsite (we stayed at the enchanting Basecamp Masai Mara) is serene and the perfect place to catch up with some reading.

Being smack in the middle of nature also gives you the ideal time to do a bit of thinking. I have since gone back to the Mara seven times, and each time, I made some life-changing decisions. Lunch hour is between noon and 3 pm to allow everyone to participate. 

The lounge is not as crowded at this hour as during breakfast as people would be out exploring. Most people opt for a full-day game drive with a packed lunch from the hotel. We stayed at the camp until around 3:00 pm, when the evening game drive took off and presented us with the best chance to capture the sunset. - Masai Mara Safari Tour

Masai Mara Safari Tour - Top Tips for Your Maiden Safari to Masai Mara National Reserve

The best 3-day or 4-day Masai Mara Safari tour packages should provide you with the best opportunity to see the Big Five, Big Cats, grazers, and other animals. But an adventure is not all about the game drives, and the Maasai Mara safari tours cover much more.

African Safari Tour to Masai Mara Lets You Catch the African Sunset

I thought I’d seen everything on the morning drive and would not need the evening one, but a friend insisted I tag along. Best decision ever! Apart from the famous African sunset, you get to catch the animals in action.

I have never been torn between prey and predator. On the one hand, was a Thomson’s gazelle running for life, and on the other one were three cubs waiting to be fed. The cubs won as momma ran the race of her life and made a meal of the gazelle.

Other Activities DUring a Maasai Mara Safari Tour

You can opt for guided walks with the knowledgeable Maasai morans, who will crack you up with fun facts and exaggerated stories of their conquests. You will also learn more about their community and the Mara than any book or documentary can teach.  If you just want to walk in silence, just let them know. 

Hot air balloon rides are also unforgettable as they give you the best view of the Mara, especially the migration. The ride itself is super thrilling, but the view is even better. 

One more thing that I will probably never get over is our Mara River picnic. The extensive river breaks its banks during the rainy season, but rains don’t last too long, so the water level is manageable. Upon request, the hotel puts together a picnic bag and sends you off to a quiet outing by the river banks with two Maasai morans by your side. Breathtaking.

Visit Maasai Villages During Masai Mara Kenya Safari Tours

Want to put a smile on a child’s face? Visit a Maasai village not too far from the hotel, learn more about the Maasai Manyatta (traditional homes), how they are made, why they are constructed by women and girls, and a lot of their culture.

You’ll get the chance to interact with the children and learn how you can make donations towards their education.

Masai Mara Tour Package that Ends the Day with a Sundowner or Bush Dinner

You can end your day with a delicious sundowner or bush dinner at an extra cost. The setting is always outside unless the weather disallows, and you get to listen to hyenas’ howls and birds’ melodies.

I loved the liquor options the host gave us and the freshly squeezed juice. At the beginning of this piece, I said that I was wrong about my first trip to the Mara.

The migration experience remains with me to date, and I have to book my place for the next year well in advance. It has become an annual ritual now, and I have made memories and friends. There is no place like the African jungle. 

Have you been on any of the numerous Masai Mara safari tours? If not, you don’t know what you are missing, and you can find out how much a Masai Mara safari tour costs here.