Mombasa Safari Tour - Kenya Safari Tour From Mombasa - Guide, Attractions, and Things to Do - Tsavo East

Mombasa is  482.8km from the country’s capital Nairobi. It is recognized internationally for its beautiful sandy beaches, moderate weather conditions, diverse coastal cultures, and multitudinous marine and animal parks. You can experience all that with a Mombasa safari. 

And Mombasa city is the ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the local markets, museums, history, and beaches. It blends international and local cultures, including Arabic, Indian, and African.

We assure you that your Mombasa safari tour will always be stunning.

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Top 6 Destinations for a Short Safari from Mombasa Review and Itinerary

Mombasa and its north and south coast beaches are great points to start your safari when visiting Kenya. Safari from Mombasa, Kenya, and back to the coastal region can give you great memories, whether heading to Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Amboseli, and other destinations.

 Here are four excellent places for the best Kenya safari tour from Mombasa.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is at Voi, a town 155km away from Mombasa, and is flat with dry plains, thorny bushes, and boggy marshland. The park covers close to 9,065 sq. km., with its main entrance at Mtito Andei Gate.

This attraction is, by every right, sensational. You get to see wild animals such as the zebras, gazelles, giraffes, and hartebeests, and the world-renowned ‘Big Five‘; leopards, buffalo, lions, elephants, and rhinos. 

You get to relish seeing elephants rolling and ‘drenching’ each other with the cool waters of the Galana River. While in the park, you can engage in hiking, horse riding, bush walks, rock climbing, and game drives.

How to Get to Tsavo East National Park

Although the park often hosts tourists, you will seldom find traffic here. Hiring a vehicle is highly advisable; however, you should go for the large cars because of the rough nature of the roads in the park.

The matatu is the cheapest means of travel in the country. For a budget trip, you can choose to get to the park with matatus. Matatu is Swahili for a public van. You could also book a tour van or land cruiser if you appreciate a tour guide. Railway transport is also reliable.

The park is just a few kilometers away from Mombasa. This makes residing in Mombasa resorts and hotels the safer option.

Tsavo West National Park

You have already noticed that the Tsavo National Park is divided into two; the Tsavo east and west. The Mombasa-Nairobi road separates the two parks. Tsavo West National Park is the larger of the two and is the closest safari to Mombasa you can enjoy. 

The park has a savannah ecosystem comprising scrublands, acacia woodlands, and open grasslands. Natural springs, swamps, and volcano cones are also some beautiful attractions the park has to offer.

The park also has wild animals such as the; nocturnal porcupine, wild dogs, leopards, lion, cheetah, giraffe, crocodile, rhino, mongoose, Dik-dik, buffalo, the Lesser Kudu, and more than 600 bird species. 

You can go for game drives, rock climbing, bush walks, and caving. The same travel tips for the Tsavo East National Park apply here. Both parks have different access routes. To access the Tsavo West from Mombasa, you must go through the Tsavo Gate near Manyani. 

There are three airstrips in this park. Remember, Mombasa city is only a few kilometers. Depart from the park as early as three to avoid being trapped in the 7 am traffic in the city. For those who would love to stay until night, the park is among the few that allow a night game drive.

2-Day Amboseli National Park Safari from Mombasa

Your Mombasa safari tour can include a 2-day safari to the famous Amboseli National Park. The attraction is 370.2 km from Mombasa and is among the largest in the country. Like the Tsavo West, this park has a savannah ecosystem and is home to Lake Amboseli and a few marshy regions. 

There is a lot to capture with your camera here from different varieties of wildlife and the part of the magnificent snowcapped Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Here is a 2-day itinerary of the Mombasa excursions to Amboseli. 

Day 1: Pick Up from Mombasa, Transfer to Amboseli, & Afternoon Game Drive 

Be an early bird as we aim to start this safari by 6.30 am. It is a 7-hour journey, meaning that if you adhere to our guidelines, you will be at the park by noon. Have your lunch at the Sentrim Amboseli Lodge, Kibo Camp, or any other camp you choose, and head out for the afternoon game drive. 

There are a lot of animals to see in the park. They include baboons, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, wildebeests, elephants, hippos, buffaloes, the Grant and Thomson gazelles, bat-eared foxes, porcupines, and the mongoose. 

Day 2: Morning Game Drive & Transfer to Mombasa 

This is your last day at the park. Get up early, have breakfast, and head for the morning game drive. This game dive will allow you to see some animals you did not see yesterday. You can also visit the Maasai village and learn about their way of life. 

Take an early lunch and head out of the park by 12:30. Remember, we are trying to evade the 7 am traffic as much as possible.

Mombasa safari -
The Famous Mombasa Tuskys - Entry to Mombasa City

Wasini Island

One of the things to do in Mombasa is to delight in the amazingness and beauty of marine life at Wasini. The first highlight of this safari is the scenic drive across the cashew and coconut plantations on our way to Wasini Island. 

Never choose to drive across the tropical forest you will find on your way to the island; instead, walk through it. The tropical forest is home to the rare Columbus monkey. The lush green environment and cool breeze of the forest are also something you cannot afford to miss.

On arrival at the dhow beach, the water taxis will take you to one of the Arab sailing dhows. Relax, have a cup of coffee, and let the awesomeness of this place blow your mind.  The view of the dolphins on the beach is priceless. 

You get to swim and interact with these remarkable mammals. The experience is even better with a dolphin expert; this is where booking this safari with us comes in handy.  The island is also home to the Shimoni slave caves. 

Our guide will take you to the caves as you learn the in-depth history of the colonial slave trade. You also get to view marine life while in a glass-bottomed boat. Do not leave the island without tasting some of their sumptuous Swahili delicacies.

Diani Beach

Diani beach is the most popular on the Indian Ocean coast and is on the southern coast of Mombasa, known to attract thousands of domestic and international tourists yearly. The 25km strip comprises Chale, Tiwi, Kinondo, Diani, and Galu Islands. You can combine Diani safaris with your Mombasa city tour.

The beach is in every aspect memorizing. The view of the warm blue waters gently kissing the lustrous white sands is breathtaking. There are loads of activities you could engage in while on the beach. 

They include kiting, windsurfing, sea and skydiving, swimming, boat riding, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing. Other activities you could engage in while at the beach are; golfing, tennis, and camel riding.

The beach is home to the Columbus Conservation Centre. The center protects the few remaining Columbus monkeys from extinction. You can also learn about the Swahili culture and ancestry from the Kaya Forest on the beach.

Safari Tour Mombasa – Getting to Diani Beach from Mombasa City

The cheapest means of getting to the beach from Mombasa is by bus or matatu. It will only cost you USD 5 to travel from Mombasa to the Likoni Ferry, an additional USD 5 from the ferry to Ukunda, and USD 5 from Ukunda to the beach.

If you find moving from one matatu to the other time-consuming, you can hire a taxi that will only charge you USD 40 from the city to the Beach. You could also use an airplane to get to the Ukunda airstrip and later board a matatu to get you to the beach.

A 1 Day Safari Mombasa Kenya Tour - City Tour

As they say, save the best for the last. On the last day of your Mombasa safari, consider taking a tour around the city. We are not laying it on thick when we say that Mombasa is one of the best cities in the world. 

As previously stated, Mombasa is a hotbed of pleasantries. Touring the city presents the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the Swahili origin and culture. Learn about the historical relations between the coastal inhabitants and their former colonial masters; the Arabs and Portuguese.

This city has a lot to offer.  Some of your tour highlights include; the Mombasa Old Town, Fort Jesus, the Food and Spice Market, the Elephant tusks at the entrance of Mombasa, and museums. Others are the Likoni Channel and the Akamba Wood Carving Factory. 

The city is also home to national parks and reserves like the; Shimba Hills National Reserve, Haller Park, Arabuko Sokoke National Park, and the Mombasa National Park and Reserve.