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Welcome to the realm of exotic wildlife and stunning landscapes, a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. As the best Kenya safari tour operator, we are committed to offering you an unparalleled journey through the heart of Kenya’s most magnificent game reserves. 

With operations based in Nairobi, our team of experts caters to your unique safari desires, ensuring a tailor-made experience that guarantees satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge, professional service, and personal touch, which has earned us a spot among the best tour operators in kenya tripadvisor

Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a Kenya safari tour starting from Nairobi or the tranquility of a sunset game drive, we are here to make your African dream safari a reality.

How to Book Your Safari with the Best Kenya Safari Tour Operator

We are among the best tours and travel agencies in Nairobi for a reason. Our safari packages are designed to cater to different budgets and preferences, offering flexibility and customization options.

To book your Kenya safari tour with us, simply browse through our website or contact us directly. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in choosing the perfect itinerary that suits your travel style and interests.

So why wait? Booking your family safari is a straightforward process. You only need to contact us at +254-748-258-880 or email at or

Our Most Booked Kenya Safari Tours from Nairobi

Our Top Packages 2023/24 

Safari Price From 

The Detailed Itinerary

13 Days Honeymoon Safari in Kenya – 2024

From USD 14,964

See the Itinerary 

2 Days Masai Mara Safari

From USD 1885

See the Itinerary 



See the Itinerary 



See the Itinerary 



See the Itinerary 

4-Day Maasai Mara Migration Safari – 2024

From USD 1905

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Masai Mara Camp Packages – 2024

From USD 985

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Masai Mara Easter Packages – 2024

From USD 1035

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Masai Mara Flying Safari 2024

From USD 1192

See the Itinerary

3-Day Masai Mara Packages from Nairobi – 2024

From USD 990

See the Itinerary 

4-Day Masai Mara Easter Packages – 2024

From USD 1300

See the Itinerary 

4-Day Mombasa & Diani Valentine Safari – 2024

At USD 1541

See the Itinerary 

4-Day Mombasa Valentine Getaway 2024

From USD 2180

See the Itinerary 

3-Day New Year Package 2024

From USD 1450

See the Itinerary

2-Day Hell’s Gate & Lake Nakuru Safari 

From USD 507

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Amboseli Safari 

From USD 734

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Huduma Day Safari to Masai Mara 

From USD 950

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Masai Mara Christmas Packages 

From USD 1010

See the Itinerary 

3-Day Ol Pejeta Easter Safari for 2024

From USD 1455

See the Itinerary 

4-Day L. Naivasha & Masai Mara Easter Safari

From USD 1249

See the Itinerary 

4-Day L. Naivasha & Masai Mara Safari

From USD 1174

See the Itinerary 

4-Day L. Nakuru & Masai Mara Safari

From USD 1162

See the Itinerary 

5-Day Flying Safari to Masai Mara & Ol Pejeta Conservancy

From USD 3777

See the Itinerary 

5-Day Tsavo & Diani Safari 

From USD 1606

See the Itinerary

6-Day Kenya Wildlife Safari from India 

From USD 1730

See the Itinerary 

7-Day Kenya Christmas Safari

At USD 3093

See the Itinerary 

1-Day Nairobi National Park & Giraffe Center Tour

From USD 119 

See the Itinerary 

1-Day Nairobi National Park & Nairobi Animal Orphanage Tour

From USD 34

See the Itinerary 

12-Day Kenya Wildlife & Beach Safari 

From USD 4216

See the Itinerary 

18-Day Kenya Family Safari 

From USD 5849

See the Itinerary 

15-Day Senior Citizen Tour – 2024

From USD 4252

See the Itinerary 

Top 5 Tour Companies in Kenya

As the best Kenya safari tour operator, we are proud to be among the top 5 tour companies in Kenya. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences has earned us this recognition from our clients and industry experts alike. Below are the top 5 travel agents In Kenya.

1. Ltd Ltd is a highly recommended tour company in Kenya, offering a range of safari packages including adventure safaris, beach vacations, and cultural tours. Their personalized service and attention to detail make them stand out among other tour companies.

2. for the United Kingdom

If you are looking for a luxurious safari experience in Kenya, look no further than With an emphasis on high-end accommodation and impeccable service, this tour company is a top choice for travelers seeking the best of the best.

3. for India is a popular choice for travelers looking to explore the famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Their safari packages include wildlife viewing, cultural interactions with the Maasai community, and comfortable accommodations.

4. for Kenya

Another top-rated tour company in Kenya, offers a range of safari options including budget-friendly packages and luxury experiences. Their knowledgeable guides and well-maintained vehicles ensure a smooth and enjoyable safari experience.

5. for Indian specializes in tailor-made safaris, allowing you to customize your itinerary according to your preferences and budget. Their emphasis on responsible tourism makes them a popular choice among eco-conscious travelers.

Giraffe in Kenya best Kenya safari tour operator
A Giraffe at Kenya - Enjoy the Best Safari with

How to Choose the Best Kenya Safari Tour Operator

After you have decided to go on safari the next step is to find the right Kenya Safari tour operator to help you plan it. There are hundreds of tour operators in Kenya, and while choosing the right one could be daunting, it is a great contributing factor to a successful safari and should be done diligently.

1. Get Recommendations

After you have decided to go on safari and roughly what kind of safari you want it is time to find the right tour operator for the job. One of the most reliable ways is to get recommendations from people who have previously traveled to Kenya or other parts of Africa.

They can give you names of operators that they used or heard were good and reliable. If you do not know people who traveled there are reputable travel websites and blogs such as Tripadvisor, where you could ask for advice and names.

2. Do Good Research

Armed with several names that have been recommended to you it’s time to do some research. Start with their websites and see what they are about. Read the about us page to know more about how they operate, where they operate, their mission statement, etc.

You might also find information on who owns the tour company and their motivation which is all useful information. Check out their blog and social media pages such as Facebook as there might be useful reviews from clients there. It is also important to find out if they are accredited.

In Kenya, tour companies are registered with KATO (Kenya Association of Tour Operators), and this is another place to get good information. If a tour company does not have an online presence, it is safe to drop it- any company worth its salt has kept up with technological advances. Do not send money or deposits to a tour company that you can’t verify.

3. Do Your Homework

As you do your research on tour operators, this is also a good time to read up on where you want to go to know more about the area. You may want to buy a guidebook, and a map of information given by other people can only take you so far. 

Having in-depth knowledge of the area will enable you to engage the tour operator better, and perhaps even suggest other activities you could do nearby. For instance, your camp at Masai Mara might be in one of the smaller conservancies and not the main reserve. 

Some tour operators might not clearly state this and while it’s not necessarily an issue as animal density is as high; having this knowledge in advance is useful and can save you from feeling ‘cheated.’ It could also save you money as game drives to the main reserve require extra park fees.

4. Get and Compare Quotations

After you have identified several tour operators that seem to fit the bill, contact them with your envisioned itinerary, dates, specific locations, e.g., say ‘looking to go to Masai Mara’ and ‘not looking for a safari’ etc.

If you have already identified a lodge or camp that you like you can mention that or give them your budget and ask for a few places that fall within it for your consideration. The tour operator will likely get back to you with a quotation which will be tweaked severally as you move along, but a good indicator of what you are looking to spend on average.

As an extra measure, get quotations directly from the different lodges for comparison purposes as there might be differences in room categories, upgrades, etc. and this might be useful in making the final decision.

Different tour operators might give vastly different quotations and knowing how much the lodge actually charges is a good yardstick to use to make sure you are not overpaying.

5. Make Your Requests Firmly

Do not be afraid of stating exactly what you want- after all, it’s your money and a lot of it. For instance, when it comes to accommodation some tour operators might be quick to recommend lodges/ tented camps that favor them regarding distance, margins or other factors. Be firm about where you want to stay if you have a preference.

If you are a birding enthusiast, do not be afraid to request a guide who has good knowledge of birds and where to find them. While tour operators will give you useful advice that you should definitely take into consideration, do now allow them to take over your plans as you might end up with an itinerary that you don’t recognize!

bird in kenya
Kenya is Home to DIfferent Types of Birds

6. Ask Questions

Nothing is too small when it comes to double checking parts of your safari. Make sure you understand the itinerary, where you will be at specific times and what you will be doing. What kind of vehicle you will travel in, how long domestic layovers will be, even hotel check out times and any other issues you might have.

Do not be afraid to go back to your online sources to ask a question or for an opinion about something your tour agent has said. Most people in travel forums are helpful and honest, and you might save yourself a possible headache by simply asking for advice.

7. Double Check Terms and Conditions

One important thing that most people forget about is the small print! Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions revolving issues such as cancellation policies, refunds, upgrades, extras etc. as all these might present potential problems for you later on. 

Some special rates may be accorded only if you make payments by a certain date and failure to do so may alter your budget as costs go higher. Cancellations due to unavoidable circumstances need to be made by specific timelines after which you forfeit some percentage or all your money.

Make sure you understand what happens if you miss a local flight or do not take part in some of the activities.

8. State Special Requests Clearly and in Writing

If you have any special requests such as dietary requirements, allergies and the like, make sure you give the tour operator this information in good time and writing, so that they can revisit as your safari nears. 

It could be that you will be on your honeymoon and you have requested for a honeymoon suite, a private bush dinner or a surprise cake for your partner.

It is possible that you will have exchanged dozens of emails over several months and small details such as an allergy might get forgotten. It is important to remind the tour operator to check double whether the lodge or camp has that information.

9. Get Travel and Medical Evacuation Insurance

While a safari is exciting, the reality is that unwanted things can happen too, and you or a member of your group might fall sick and be evacuated to a hospital. Or unexpected circumstances might force you to cancel your trip halfway through.

You can insure your money which will ensure that you get some or most of it back if this happens. In Kenya, your tour operator may take out a medical evacuation cover (at an extra cost) which ensures that you are airlifted to a hospital in the event that you fall sick.

Lion at Masai Mara in Kenya
Lion at Masai Mara National Reserve

FAQs About Kenya Safari Tour Operators

The following are some common questions and answers about Kenya safari tour operators:

1. What is the best time to visit Kenya for a safari?

The best time to experience a Kenya safari is during the dry season from late June to October, when animals gather around water sources and are easier to spot.

2. How do I choose the right tour company for my Kenya safari?

Consider factors such as reputation, experience, and diversity of safari packages offered. Read reviews from past clients and contact the tour companies directly to get a feel for their service.

3. Which are the best tour companies in Nairobi? Ltd,,,, and are among the top-rated tour companies based in Nairobi. is among the cheapest tour companies in Kenya and caters for the local market.